Travel Vaccines

Travel vaccinations offer vital immunisations to safeguard against health risks and ensure secure travel. It is important to obtain necessary vaccinations depending on your destination, length of visit and underlying health conditions. Book a travel vaccine appointment today to stay informed about potential health hazards and preventive measures for peace of mind during your travels.

What to Expect During your Travel Vaccine Appointment

Here’s what to expect when attending a travel vaccine appointment:

  1. During your travel vaccine appointment, you’ll receive a detailed consultation, reviewing your travel itinerary and health history. This helps to identify potential health risks associated with your destination and determine the necessary vaccinations.
  2. Post consultation, the required vaccines are administered, ensuring a safe and virtually pain-free experience.
  3. You are also provided with an immunisation record card, essential for certain travel destinations.
  4. Furthermore, you’ll be equipped with vital health advice regarding food, water safety and insect bite prevention, tailored to your specific destination.

This comprehensive approach guarantees your health and safety as you embark on your journey.

Clinics who offer these services

MyClinic Elsternwick
384 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick VIC 3185
MyClinic Melbourne
91 William Street, Melbourne 3000
MyClinic South Yarra
Shop 6/300 Toorak Road, South Yarra
MyClinic Southbank
63 Power Street, Southbank, 3006
MyClinic Bacchus Marsh
12 Gell St, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340
MyClinic Balaclava
161-163 Carlisle St, Balaclava VIC 3183 (inside Priceline Pharmacy)
MyClinic QV
Corner Swanston & Lonsdale Street, QV Retail Centre, Melbourne VIC 3000 (Inside Priceline Pharmacy)
MyClinic Prahran
191-193 Commercial Rd South Yarra, VIC, 3141
MyClinic Tarneit
412 Derrimut Road, Tarneit, VIC 3029
MyClinic Werribee Village
Shop 10 167-179 Shaws Road, Werribee Vic 3029
MyClinic Hoppers
150 Hogans Road, Hoppers

When to Get Your Vaccinations

Timing is a crucial factor when it comes to travel vaccinations. Some vaccinations need to be taken well in advance of your travel date to ensure they work effectively. As a general rule, schedule your initial consultation 4-6 weeks prior to your departure. However, even if your trip is sooner, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Some vaccinations or medications can still provide some level of protection or even be mandatory for travel.

Travel Health Isn’t Just For Travel Vaccines

In addition to providing essential travel vaccinations, these appointments cover a comprehensive range of travel health advice. This includes personalised travel health advice for specific health concerns, anti-malaria medication, altitude sickness medication and advice on travel-related issues such as food safety and how to prevent insect bites. Book now to travel with the utmost peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected.

What Else You Should Know About Travel Vaccines

In some instances, specific vaccines may be necessary for entry into a country. The types and quantities required can vary depending on your destination, duration of stay, and health status. Some vaccines are administered in a series, while others may necessitate booster doses. Take into account potential side effects, although most are minor and temporary. Discuss any concerns or symptoms following vaccination. The more you understand about travel vaccines, the better equipped you’ll be for health-related matters during your journey.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Don’t leave your health to chance; schedule a consultation to discuss your travel health needs. That way, you’ll ensure that your trip is as safe and healthy as possible. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.


  • I’m travelling soon, is it too late for me to get vaccinated?

    Ideally, you should schedule your consultation and vaccination at least 4 to 6 weeks before your travel date. However, even if your departure date is sooner, get in touch to discuss the best options for your situation.

  • I’ve never had travel vaccines before. Will it hurt?

    Each individual’s experience may vary, but generally a travel vaccine is just like any other injection. You may experience a slight pinch or discomfort at the injection site, but this is usually temporary.

  • What should I do if I experience severe side effects after a vaccination?

    In the unlikely event that you experience severe side effects, we advise you to seek immediate medical attention. You can also discuss any concerns or previous issues you may have experienced post-vaccination during your appointment.

  • I’m nervous about vaccines. Can I bring a friend or family member with me to the consultation?

    Absolutely, we understand that some people may feel more comfortable with a companion present during their consultation and vaccination. Please let reception know when scheduling your appointment.

  • I have a specific health condition. Can I still travel safely with vaccines?

    Each individual case is different. Your health condition will be assessed, then you’ll be advised on the best course of action for travel and vaccination. Your safety is the utmost priority.

  • I’ve heard that some vaccines cause more side effects than others. Is this true?

    Some vaccines may have a higher likelihood of minor side effects, but these are usually short-lived. Potential side effects will be discussed with you before administration.