ePrescribing – Preparing your Practice

ePrescribing – Preparing your Practice
What is ePrescribing?

Paperless prescriptions that are accessible using electronic devices for increased security and to help avoid losing paper scripts.

How will electronic prescribing affect me?

It will be an alternative to paper scripts which would help reduce the risk of spreading infection. Scripts will be sent via SMS or email and are used at participating pharmacies.

What will my script look like and how do I use it?

Your script will be sent as a token, which is a unique QR code with information about the script. The token is scanned at the pharmacy to dispense your prescription.

What happens if I lose or delete my token?

Notify your doctor, the doctor can cancel and send you a new one. 

What happens if the token gets sent to the wrong number or email?

Notify your doctor, and check and confirm your contact details. The doctor can cancel and send you a new one.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Notify your doctor, any current scripts will be cancelled and reissued to your new phone or family member. 

What about multiple or repeat scripts?

You will multiple messages if taking more than one medicine. If you have repeats on your script the pharmacy will send a new token for the repeat.

What if I don’t have any device I can receive a token on?

Token can be sent to family or carers, alternatively you can still request paper scripts if necessary. 

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