Changes to Dr Sabrina Campbell’s practice at MyClinic South Yarra


Dear patients,

This is a courtesy letter to inform you of some changes to Dr Sabrina Campbell’s practice at MyClinic South Yarra.

Beginning on 1st June, Dr Sabrina will be moving to fully private billing. There will be fees for every consultation with her. Most appointments should still receive a Medicare rebate, but there will always be out-of-pocket costs for all patients.

Also from this time, the doctor will no longer be doing unpaid work outside of appointments. This means that any conversations with the doctor, prescription renewals, or any work you require to be done will need to be done within an appointment, and will need to be paid for.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding that as a doctor dedicated to her patients, Dr. Sabrina has taken on a lot of extra work in the past that is not sustainable moving forward, and changes need to be made for her to continue giving all her patients the best care she possibly can.

Kind regards,

Management on behalf of Dr Sabrina Campbell